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Build of the Day December 2018

Red Devil Build - 12/10/2018: Component Part CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Graphics Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8 GB PULSE Memory G.Skill Value 16 GB (2 x...

Best Micro ATX Case

Your PC case is arguably the most underrated part of your build. It's the component that will house all of your expensive parts as...


The introduction of the APU has allowed for the integration of processing and graphics functions onto a single chip, creating an individual unit that...

Portal 3: Rumors, Release Date, Is it Happening? 5 Reasons It Won’t

It's been about 7 and a half years since Portal 2 came out as of writing this in 2018 yet there hasn't been much...

Best DAC for Gaming

A digital to analog converter is the ultimate accessory for gamers who also double as  audiophiles. While your computer likely has an internal DAC, ...

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX

There are two major players when it comes to choosing the right compact motherboard for your computer: the Micro ATX and the Mini ITX. ...

How to Make Money on Twitch

Earning money on Twitch is a tough, yet possible task. It requires a mix of commitment, creativity and marketing savviness to make it work...

Best Intel CPU

Intel CPUs have been mentioned often as the best for powering gaming platforms and platforms that are geared towards one-way tasking. As the leader...