Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

At ValueGamers, we do not underestimate the power of a pc gaming chair. It’s perhaps the most underrated part of the experience. You want to be able to game for hours without your back and shoulders hurting you. For a lot of gamers however, its tough to justify the expense of a $500 chair. So in this guide, ValueGamers compiled the five best cheap pc gaming chairs under $100. Don’t buy blindly – save your back and your wallet and check out our recommendations to find a cheap gaming chair. Also read our best pc gaming chair for any budget guide. 

1. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

Buy it if: You game between 4 and 8 hours 2-3x per week, you lean back rather than forward, have Amazon prime

This AmazonBasics product is actually quite the steal. Complete with top-notch material and comfort, you end up getting a quality chair for just $81 (if you have prime). While most gaming chairs under $100 won’t have ergonomic features, you do actually get some with this chair. Beside height adjustment up to 20 inches off the ground, it also has tilt tension control. The tilt control lets you adjust how much force you have to apply to recline the seat. Having this control lets you pick the best angle for your posture, which goes a long way for a comfortable seating experience.

The biggest drawbacks for this chair are the armrests and the lack of lumbar support. The armrests are not adjustable so this can make squeezing into certain game settings more difficult. This could also prove detrimental to gaming with a mouse. Finally, if you have lumbar issues we would advise you avoid this chair and opt for a more high end gaming chair. Most sub-$100 chairs will not be able to support lumbar issues.

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2. PU Leather Ergonomic Office Executive Office Chair

Buy it if: Game 2 to 8 hours per session 2-3x per week, no lower back issues, prefer leather

Beside being inexpensive, the PU Leather Ergonomic gaming chair is best for people who want an easy chair to maintain, prefer to sit upright and don’t need lumbar support. This mid-back chair comes with soft polyurethane leather upholstery which makes it easy to clean. There is also decent padding throughout the chair and a high back – which is adjustable. The main drawbacks are the lack of lumbar support and tilt control. You should be able to get several hours of gaming in this chair, but that may be more difficult for people with lumbar issues. This chair would go well with a SHW L-Shaped desk which we review in our best l-shaped gaming desks article. 

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3. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

Buy it if: Game 2 to 6 hours per session 1-2x per week, no lower back issues, less than 225 lbs

VG considers the AmazonBasics to be the 2nd best budget chair. While we find the chair to be fairly comfortable and able to get the job done, it just is not meant for gaming more than 6 hours. We would mostly recommend this chair for gamers who spend 2 to 6 hours in front of their monitors per gaming session. The chair supports up to 225 lbs, so we would also recommend the PU Leather chair if you are above that weight. It reaches a maximum height of 21 inches and a minimum of 16 inches. The arms are not removable.

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4. Furmax Office Chair PU Leather Gaming Chair

Buy it if: Game for over 4 hours per session 1 or 2x per week, like racing chairs, heavy lean back

The Furmax office chair leaves a lot to be desired, but is still nonetheless a good bargain. For only $65 you get a high-back racing chair which should do the job for most gamers. The leather material is fairly comfortable, and the chair can adjust for different heights. The high-back nature of the chair also ensures your whole back will be somewhat supported.

There are some serious pitfalls for this chair however. We would not recommend you buy it if you game for long sessions multiple times per week. The leather is comfortable but not super durable. Frequent use will speed up its degradation and shorten the life of the chair. There is also no tension control so the chair will lean back without a means to stop it at a desired angle. Depending on your seating preferences, this can be a huge issue. If you only have slight lean, you may end up pushing the chair back further than you would like.

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5. Bonum Home Office Chair

Buy it if: Game for 2 to 4 hours a few times a week, need minor lumbar support, need a breathable chair

The Bonum Home chair is a mid-back that will be best for moderate gamers who end to overheat while gaming. The chair is mesh so provides a high-degree of breathability which is ideal if you get sweaty while gaming. There is also a minor lumbar support feature which most gaming chairs under $100 do not come with. Realize however that this is not top of the line lumbar support. If you truly have back pain and need that support, a higher end gaming chair should be where you go.

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How to Choose a Budget PC Gaming Chair

When it comes to chairs under $100, there is honestly not many huge differences that make or break the product. These chairs do not come with advanced features (usually) and because they are less than $100, they are not huge investments. If anything, these chairs should serve the purpose of being able to support casual to semi-serious pc gamers for one to two years or help you identify what you need in a chair before investing in a high-end one. When picking a budget chair, you want to consider the following:

  • How the chair supports your back (mid-back vs high-back)
  • The material of the chair
  • How often you game

Mid-back chairs vs High-back chairs

Mid-backs and high-backs offer different support styles. Mid-back chairs are usually excel at supporting the lumbar and middle back area. They’re optimal for people who end up sitting in their chair for 2 to 3 hours at at time, but also get up occasionally to stretch their legs or do another task. Think of it as the ideal office chair for someone who zips between meetings and their computer during a standard work day. A high-back on the other hand supports the entire back, mainly the upper back and even the neck. High-back chairs are best for gamers who will end up spending hours playing games. These chairs are usually more expensive and come with features that let your chair adjust to your back like a glove.

Leather vs Mesh

The breathability of the gaming chair will determine how hot or cold it gets. If you tend to heat up while gaming, a mesh chair is probably better for you. The leather will end up absorbing the heat from your body, making you even warmer and thus uncomfortable. Mesh also has its hang ups however. You want to make sure the mesh on your gaming chair is not too tight or it might create uncomfortable pressure points along your back. Mesh of course may end up being too cold for certain gamers who tend to lose body heat while gaming.

Low End Chairs and Heavy Gaming

ValueGamer’s crew believes that if you find yourself gaming more than 20 hours a week, or have marathon sessions multiple times per week, a low-end chair is going to wear out quickly. The material in these chairs is not the best (thus under $100) so  they aren’t meant for heavy use. You can apply that principle to most objects, the cheaper it is, the less likely it will hold up to intense use. So if you consider yourself an intense gamer, invest in that high-end chair. You’ll end up saving money by not buying a new chair every year or two and on the medical bills for your back when you’re older.