Best PC Gaming Chairs

A pc gaming chair is perhaps the most underrated part of the gaming experience. A game can keep you in-front of your screen for hours, so you should be comfortable while playing. In this review, the ValueGamers team scoured the internet to determine what is the best pc gaming chair. Now, for certain gamers, certain chairs will be better. That is why we divided our review into the following categories:


PC Gaming Chair Type Material Price
PU Leather Ergonomic Office Executive
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AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair
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DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD99

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Racer Leather Buy on Amazon
Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair
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Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair
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Highback Mesh Buy on Amazon
Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair
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Steelcase Gesture Chair
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Herman Miller Embody Chair
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Table of Contents

Top Gaming Chairs Under $100

These are the best and cheapest pc gaming chairs. You should buy these chairs knowing you are still getting a good product, but not the best comfort or the the smoothest feel. These chairs have at least one glaring negative to them, but are the best option if you do not want to break the bank and are only a moderate gamer. If you game more than 12 hours per week, you should skip this section and move on to the mid-range.

1) PU Leather Ergonomic Office Executive Office Chair

Buy it if: Game 2 to 8 hours per session, no lower back issues, on a budget

Beside being inexpensive, the PU Leather Ergonomic gaming chair is best for people who want an easy chair to maintain, prefer to sit upright and don’t need lumbar support. This mid-back chair comes with soft polyurethane leather upholstery which makes it easy to clean. There is also decent padding throughout the chair and a high back – which is adjustable. The main drawbacks are the lack of lumbar support and tilt control. You should be able to get several hours of gaming in this chair, but that may be more difficult for people with lumbar issues.

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2)AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

Buy it if: Game 2 to 6 hours per session, no lower back issues, on a budget, less than 225 lbs

VG considers the AmazonBasics to be the 2nd best budget chair. While we find the chair to be fairly comfortable and able to get the job done, it just is not meant for gaming more than 6 hours. We would mostly recommend this chair for gamers who spend 2 to 6 hours in front of their monitors per gaming session. The chair supports up to 225 lbs, so we would also recommend the PU Leather chair if you are above that weight. It reaches a maximum height of 21 inches and a minimum of 16 inches. The arms are not removable.

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Best Gaming Chairs Between $100 and $500

We recommend these chairs for gamers who plan to spend at least a few hours in-front of their monitor several times a week. These chairs are considered “high-back” and are meant to support long sessions of sitting. These chairs offer superior materials and comfort than those below $100.

1) DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD99/NW Newedge Edition

Buy it if: Game 4 to 8 hours per session at least 1-2 times week

Perhaps known as the “traditional” pc gaming chair, this highback is a quality chair which you can buy at a fair price. Not quite expensive as the midrange chairs we discuss above, but not necessarily “cheap” . We would recommend it though if you know you are going to be gaming for several hours at a time a few times per week. The chair provides ample lumbar support so you shouldn’t fatigue. If you have serious back problems however we would recommend a higher end chair.

The DX Racer formula series is a racing style gaming chair part of our best pc gaming chairs

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2) Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Buy it if: Game 4 to 8 hours per session at least 1-2 times week, less than 250 pounds, want adjustable arm rests

Costing just over $100, the Essentials Racing Style game chair is a good deal. It doesn’t come packed with a ton of ergonomic features, but the high-back and padded foam contorts of the chair do provide a good deal of comfortability. The chair is able to recline and can be locked in the upright position. Notably, there is not tension control however, so you will less flexibility in finding the perfect recline for your posture. Another great feature of the chair is height-adjustable armrests which makes it accommodating for people of different height.

There is a weight limit on the chair – about 250lbs. While it will support people who are heavier, the materials of the chair are likely not meant to support heavy weight for a long period of time. As we recommend for most chairs of this price, you should only be buying them if you are gaming for between 4 and 8 hours, only 1 or 2 times per week – but not anything more.

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Best Gaming Chairs Between $501 and $1,000

The next level of gaming chairs for pc gamers are meant for hard core pc gamers. These high end chairs come with many ergonomic features and are meant to provide comfort and support over many hours of sitting on them. These are chairs for gamers who end up gaming over 32 hours per week.

1) Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

Buy it if: Game 4 to 10 hours per session at least 1-2 times week, need lumbar support, prefer reclining, prefer mesh to leather padding

If you consider yourself a serious gamer, then definitely give a look at the Ergohuman Swivel chair. This futuristic looking high-back is meant to support the longest of gaming sessions. The lumbar support the chair affords auto-adjusts to your weight – up to over 300 lbs. The mesh material is also super breathable and a must have if you tend to heat up while gaming. Furthermore the arms are fully adjustable and can even be removed from the chair. You also get a 5 year warranty on the upholstery and lifetime warranty on the parts.

One drawback is the headrest is not removable. This shouldn’t be a problem however unless you are shorter than 5’2 or taller than 6’5. Another thing to take note of is the angle of the back crest. Due to the lumbar support there will be an angle between your upper back and the chair. 

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2) Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Buy it if: Game 4 to 12 hours per session at least 1-2 times per week, have lower back issues

The Aeron Chairs come in three sizes with two types of support – posture fit and lumbar support.  This chair is the best chair if you have lower back pain. Customers swear by the lumbar support the chair offers, even going so far as to say it cured their lower back pain. If back pain is not a serious consideration for you, then you will be fine going with the Ergohuman chair which is several hundred dollars cheaper. As with all Herman Miller chairs, the Aeron comes with a 12 year warranty on all parts.

Deciding whether to buy the posture fit or the lumbar support depends on your sitting style. One reviewer believes the lumbar support offers better support, but concedes they tend to slouch vs lean forward. If you like to recline you should go with the lumbar support as that helps realign your spine while leaning back. If you like to game and lean forward, then the posturefit will be the better option.

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Best Gaming Chairs over $1,000

These are the best pc gaming chairs money can buy. We would only recommend you invest in these high-end gaming chairs if you game heavily on a weekly basis and/or have a serious back or posture issue. These chairs give the best all around comfort and are meant for serious gaming.

1) Steelcase Gesture Chair

Buy it if: Have back pain, need to sit for 10+ hours per day, like to sit in a reclined position

The Steelcase Gesture Chair is perhaps the best chair on the market today. It is the customizable chair. It moves as you adjust your posture and positions, contorting to your spine in any way you can contort it. The flexible back bone of the chair adjusts to your recline, ensuring you never lose support on your lumbar area. You can recline for hours on end and have consistent back support. The armrests on the chair also provide a level of adjustability you cannot find on other chairs. Designed with gestures phone and tablet use bring about, the arms can adjust length and width wise to provide a comfortable position for your elbow and arms while using those devices. If you’re job requires you to sit for extremely long periods, the Steelcase is probably worth the investment.

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2)Herman Miller Embody Chair

Buy it if: Have back pain, need to sit for 10+ hours per day, like to sit in a reclined position

We believe the Embody chair is just as good as the Gesture Chair, except about $200 more expensive. Like the Embody Chair the Herman Miller is extremely adaptable to your body. Gizmodo goes so far as to call it the ‘most comfortable chair” They’ve ever sat on. The chair allows you to adjust the amount of recline, the tension of the recline, your seat depth, your back curvature, your armrest positioning and how high the seat goes. Also like the Gesture chair, the armrests are highly adjustable both width and height-wise.

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How to Choose a PC Gaming Chair

You need to consider the ergonomics, the material, and be honest about your gaming habits. These three factors will ultimately help you decide how much you should spend on a chair. At first glance it may seem jarring to spend over $500 for a chair, but when you do the math, it could very well be a great investment.

Ergonomics of Gaming Chairs

Ergonomics refers to the positions the chair is capable of achieving. Everyone has different body types and different sitting habits. You want a chair that can accommodate the way you sit. Your pc gaming chair should be able to adjust to your height. If you are tall or short, you need to make sure your chair is able to adjust to that.

Mid-back chairs vs High-back chairs

These two ergonomic choices offer different support styles for your back. Mid-back chairs are better for supporting the lumbar and middle back area. They’re best for people who end up sitting in their chair for 2 to 3 hours at at time, but will then get up for a bit. It’s the ideal office chair for someone who zips between meetings and their computer during a standard work day. A high-back on the other hand supports the entire back, mainly the upper back and even the neck. These chairs are often more expensive and come with features that let your chair adjust to your back like a glove. A high-back chair is best for people who will end up spending hours on end in their chair, i.e. gaming.


A chair with good ergonomics will also have adjustable armrests. Especially with PC gaming, you are going to want to move your mouse in different angles and positions. You want an arm rest that can adapt to the motion of your arms. While gaming you may decide to use your phone from time to time. Armrests which can adjust to prop up your arms while using your phone will help you maintain optimal posture. Of course, you may end up moving between different desks and gaming areas. An adjustable chair gives you more flexibility if your gaming area is too narrow for the current width of the armrests.

Leather vs Mesh

You generally have a choice between leather and mesh. This is another instance where you have to be honest about your body. Do you run hot or do you run cold when you game? If you tend to get a lot of back sweat, then avoid leather and go with the mesh. The breathable material will keep the heat off your back and make for a more comfortable gaming experience. The main downside to mesh is that on some chairs it can create uncomfortable pressure points if it is applied too tightly. Leather will ultimately be the more comfortable option in a majority of cases. If you feel as though you can sit on a leather chair for hours on end, then definitely go with the leather chair.

Should You Spend Money on a Gaming Chair?

You should not trivialize a gaming chair. Sitting is a seemingly benign activity that actually comes with multiple health pitfalls. Sitting in a bad posture for hours on end can permanently give you health issues down the line. You may be healthy now, but as you get older you will have less leeway in what you can do to your back. Treatment for back pain is not usually  a cheap thing to remedy either. The point is, if you see yourself sitting in a pc game chair for hours multiple times a week, then you should invest in an expensive chair now and spare yourself the medical expenses down the line.